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Tilestore Overview

Using the Application Tile Store

The SIMS ID Tile Store allows you to:

  • Create custom tiles for your site.
  • Access centrally provided tiles including:

    • tiles made available to all schools
    • third-party Single Sign-On applications
    • third party Applications that exchange data with SIMS.
  • Audience these tiles so that they are available on the launch pad for all users, groups of users or even specific individuals.

Accessing the Tile Store

The Tile Store is accessible via the Tile Store tile on the Launcher Page of SIMS ID. Only admin users will have access to this tile.

If you have admin access to more than one site, when you access the tile store you will be taken to your primary sites Tile store first, if you want to change sites click on the "Change Site" button at the top or the page and a list of available sites will open within the page allowing you to select the site you wish to manage.

A search facility is available on the Tile Store screen to help quickly locate tiles you are looking for.

The Tile Store Interface

The Tile Store is split into two sections.

Installed Applications and Site Tiles and Available Applications

The Installed Applications and Site Tiles screen

Available Tiles contains:

  • Tiles that have been created at your site
  • Tiles that are centrally available such as links to the DfE or Welsh Government Education Sites
  • Applications that have been installed from Available Applications.

you can only 'audience' tiles so that they are visible to your users from the Available Tiles screen

The Available Applications Screen.

The Available Applications screen is used to view and * Install* Available Applications

How are Available Applications different to Available Tiles?

Available Applications may be associated with 'paid for' products from ESS or third-parties that integrate with ESS. Installing these tiles will not incur a charge but the tile may not function until you have purchased the product from the relevant supplier.

Some Applications will exchange data with third parties. Installing the tile will detail what data is exchanged and allow you to authorise this data exchange or decline it.

Some applications will require you to enter some configuration information this will be detailed when you install the application.

More Tile Application Store information

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