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Manage Account Self Deactivation for SIMS ID User Types

The need to self deactivate accounts.

With users being created in SIMS ID for products such as SIMS Pay and Parental engagement it is necessary to give users that ability to delete their own account so that individuals can exercise their right to be forgotten by the system. SIMS ID allows all User Types to be enabled for self-deactivation though overall, it is envisaged that only parent users are likely to require this ability.

Enabling Self Deactivation for Usertypes.

Local Administrators have the ability to enable Self-Deactivation for each User Type. This will allow members of that User Type to disable their own account and therefore remove their own access.

If Self Deactivation is enabled for a user type provisioned from MIS data, the individual users will not be able to self-deactivates their account. They will be advised of this and what action to take

Setting up Users for Deactivation.

As a Local administrator login to SIMS ID and click the Preferences tile.

Inside Preferences click other Sites Preference menu item. From this drop down menu click on Manage Deactivation.

Using the Slide Switches select which User Types will be able to remove their own accounts

Parent Users will always be able to remove their own account.

To finish click Save

How do users self deactivate their account

Please see Self Deactivating your account for deletion