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Active Directory Account Management Configuration User Profile

You are able to set the Home Drive path and Profile path that is provisioned for each User Type.

You can set a default value for All Users.

Setting a User Type specific setting will take precedence over an All User User setting

Setting a Simple Home Drive Path and Profile Path

Next to the relevant User type or All User Type a Drive Letter for the Home Drive Mapping in the Letter field Now type the Dive location in the Mapping filed using a standard UNC path format. Type a location for the Profile folder in the profile Mapping field using a standard UNC path.

Using token to specify a Dynamic Path

The SIMS ID Active Directory Account Management component allows you to specify dynamic paths based on user data. For example, you can set a home drive that is based on the 'Year of entry' of a student or a Profile location that is based on the Sites DFE code which is useful in a multi-site shared Active Directory.

To determine what token are available click on the Help link to display the token information. You can use these token in your UNC paths to create Dynamic Paths.

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