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Active Directory Account Management Configuration User Name Format

Managing User Name Formats

The User Name Format tab allows you to set a User Name format that is automatically populated to the User objects user logon name and pre-windows 2000 user logon name, in the Active Directory.

You can set standard user names or have more flexibility in your user name choice by using a 'token based' display name.

Setting a Site Default User Name Format.

You can set a User name format that applied to all users.

Setting a User Type specific UserName format will take precedence over an All User User Name Format

Enabling Specific User Name formats for User Types

To enable User Type Specific User Name Formats tick the checkbox next to Customise This will expand the available options to show the User Types.

Setting a Standard User Name Format

To set a 'standard' user name format for all users or a User type Specific user name format for specific user types:

  • select one of the Common Formats from the drop-down list

    Using Token Based User Name Formats

To enable token based formats for one or more user types (or the Site default) place a tick in the Custom check box next to the relevant entry.

This will change the User Name Format entry method to 'token'

To edit the entry click on the green 'Pencil' icon button to the right of the field to open the edit dialogue.

The token-based custom format dialogue displays the tokens available for that User Type.

You can enter a mix of characters and tokens into the editable field to create your desired format.

Click Update when complete.

The token-based name format will not display on the User Name Formats

You can now repeat the process for the other User Types.

Supported username tokens

If your desired username format is not available please discuss this with sales. Not all username formats can be accommodated.

Custom Username format

Site Admins can create custom username formats using a combination of the provided tokens detailed in the table below:


Token Description
[%F] Forename
[%F#] Number (#) of letters from Forenamet
[%S] Surname
[%S#] Number (#) of letters from Surname
[%L] Random Letter (a-z)
[%N] Random Number (1-9)


Token Description
[%IS] Standard Intake Year short
[%CS] Year of Leaving short
[%U] UPN from MIS Data
[%AN] Admission Number from MIS Data
[%F] Forename
[%F#] Number (#) of letters from Forename
[%S] Surname
[%S#] Number (#) of letters from Surname
[%L] Random Letter (a-z)
[%N] Random Number (1-9)
[%A] Academic Birth Year* - (This is the years of birth of the student if they are born in Sept - Dec or the year of birth +1 if born Jan - Aug)
[%I] Standard Intake Year - This is based on the Acdemic Year of birth plus 5 years
[%Y] School Intake Year* (- This is based on the Acdemic Year of birth and the starting year group of the school)
[%B] Birth Year
[%C] Cohort Year - this is the year of leaving the school and is based on Academic year of birth and last academic year of the school

Items marked with * are calculated based on rules set in Site Preferences.

In addition to the tokens shown in the table, you may also add alphanumeric characters, full stops, underscores, and dashes. Other characters are excluded as they are unsupported in services SIMS ID provisions to.

For example for a user called Adrian Blacker with an academic Birth Year of 2001 a username of 01.ABlacker.REd would be generated by setting a username of [%L].[%F1][%S].RED

Please note where two users will be generated with identical usernames an incremental number will be appended to the end of the Username in this case 01.ABlacker.RED2

Setting a new Username format WILL NOT change any existing users as they have already had a username generated using previous settings for the site

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