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Active Directory Account Management local Password Sync MSI Setup


SIMS ID local AD Provisioning, MSI Setup - Password Sync API


  • SIMS ID "My Local AD" tile is available within Tile Store Installed Applications
  • Installers should be run on a Domain Controller
  • External URL endpoint required with access and routing through the network infrastructure

SIMS ID Active Directory Provisioning Setup - Password Sync API

Download the ADAM Password Sync API installer SIMS ID AD Password Sync API installer

Run ADAM Password Sync API.msi as administrator and follow set up screens below.

* *

Please provide details to complete the installation.

  • ClientI D (API URL - can be found in My Local AD service configuration in SIMS ID), this is the External URL endpoint

Enter a Domain Admin service account and password

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Ensure the ADAM Password Sync api service is running