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I have received a New Device Login email

Protect your account if there's unfamiliar activity

If your SIMS ID Account is used on a new device or you use a browser you have not used before (Chrome, Firefox, etc), you might get a "New Device Logon" notification email.

As soon as possible, review the notification including the time and date of the Logon event, if the details match with a login you have made there is no need to do anything If the details do not match with a login you have made you should take action.

A sample notification

Dear Jon Doe,

We have detected a login from a new browser or device at 05-10-2018. If this was not you please contact the service desk. This email was sent to you as per your alerting preferences in SIMS ID. Please use the link below to update your preferences or to turn off the alerting service. My Alerting Preferences

If the activity wasn't you

To protect your account right away, respond to the notification by logging on and resetting your password
or Using the Password Recovery Function

If you are unable to do either of the above steps please contact your site admin or support desk for assistance

Securing Your account with Multi-Factor authentication

In today's world of increasing access to services and data via a single login, it is necessary to consider the risk of a username and password becoming known to a third party. With standard security procedures (especially online) only requiring a simple username and password it has become increasingly easy for unauthorised people to gain access to a user's private data such as email or personal files.

With an increasing amount of pupil data being accessed online SIMS ID gives you the option to apply additional security to the services that you use through SIMS ID such as your e-mail or access to Hosted SIMS or SIMS Primary. This functionality can be enabled for your site by you Local Site Administrator. Find out more about using Multi-factor Authentication