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Our APIs are all REST APIs, to allow for as many consumers of our APIs as possible. Our APIs are secured using OAuth 2.0, and you will need valid bearer tokens before calling our APIs.


Our APIs must be called over HTTPS using standard HTTP verbs, status codes and headers.


All responses are returned in JSON format, with the appropriate HTTP response codes.


Authorisation is handled via OAuth 2.0.

Response Codes

Successful Responses

200 OK

204 OK

Error Responses

400 Bad Request -- Your request is invalid.

401 Unauthorized -- Your bearer token is wrong or invalid.

403 Forbidden -- You have a valid bearer token, but you do not have permissions to call that endpoint.

404 Not Found -- The requested item could not be found.

405 Method Not Allowed -- You tried to access an endpoint with an invalid method.

500 Internal Server Error -- We had a problem with our API. Please try again later.

503 Service Unavailable -- We're temporarily offline for maintenance. Please try again later.