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Setting up Microsoft Services Step 1


In order to use SDS, OneNote write back, or Office365 provisioning before starting the enablement process you must:

The following process will help you identify and carry out the necessary steps to:

  • enable SIMS Online Client Services
  • enable your data to flow to SIMS ID
  • Link SIMS ID to your Office 365 tenancy
  • enable OneNote Write back in SIMS ID
  • For all services except for OneNote write back undertake User Matching between SIMS ID and Your Office 365 tenancy.
  • optionally and for a better overall experience, you may also wish to enable Single Sign-On (federation) between SIMS ID and your Office 365 tenancy.
  • Configure username and user display formats

Setting up Microsoft Services.

The process to enable Microsoft Service varies depending on what other products you have already enabled from SIMS.

STEP 1 - Determine your starting point.