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Reviewing and Removing Multisite Access

Reviewing Security Requests

To review the status of security requests that have been accepted at your site or are awaiting acceptance.

Login to SIMS ID as a Site Administrator

Click the Users Button

Then click the Manage Users Button

Then choose Security Requests

You will then be taken to the security requests screens - moving between the sub tabs you can review Pending Requests, and accepted Security Requests.

Revoking a Security Request

From the Successful Security Requests tab you can revoke a security request

To do this press on the 'Revoke' Button next to the user whos access you wish to Revoke.

Temporarily Removing Multi-Site Users Access

To prevent a Multi-Site User accessing services, just remove the services from the user. It is not necessary to remove the user from the SIMS ID Users List. If a user is deleted from their 'home site' they will automatically be removed from other sites they have access to.