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Resetting a users 2fa settings

Forcing a user to update their Second Factors

Sometimes it is necessary for a site Administrator to reset a user's Two Factor Authentication settings so they can reset them, this may be necessary if they have lost replaced their mobile device and have forgotten their Passphrase.

Resetting a user's Two Factor Authorisation details.

This can only be done by a Site Administrator or Support users

Find the user inside user management. Click on the Manage button to the right of the user to bring up the User Context Specific menu

Select "Reset 2FA Settings"

A confirmation dialogue will be presented

Press OK to continue or Cancel to abandon the action.

The effect of resetting a user's Two Factor Authorisation Settings

At the next login, the end user will be prompted to set up the second factor. Their password will not be changed.

You may want to point the user to your first login with Two Factor Authentication

It is possible to carry out a password reset and a 2FA Settings reset where the user has forgotten all their details this should only be done where you are certain the user is who they say they are and you are sure they are still authorised to access the system

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