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Enabling Two Factor Authentication for Your Site

Setting up Two Factor Authentication for your site.

Site Administrators can set up Two Factor Authentication. This can be set up in advance to give users time to prepare for Two Factor Authentication.

To access Two Factor Authentication Management

Select the Preferences tool from the SIMS ID launch Pad.

If you only have access to one site, the following step is not necessary

Then choose the site you wish to manage from the list of sites presented. You can use the search tool and column ordering functions to assist your search

Now click on the Security Preferences drop-down and then click on the Two Factor Authentication link

The following screen displays. You are advised to read the guidance provided on this screen.

To enable Two Factor Authentication you should use the slider to enable Two Factor Authentication and enter an Effective Start Date.

What does the Effective Start Date do?

Prior to the Effective Start Date:

an end user who is allocated Two Factor Authentication will be prompted at their next login to set up a second authentication factor, either a Pass Phrase or an Authenticator App. For information on the supported forms of second factor please see an introduction to two-factor authentication. Prior to the Effective Start Date, the end user may skip the set up of a second factor.

On or after the Effective Start Date :

An end user who is allocated Two Factor Authentication will be prompted at their next login to set up a second authentication factor, they will not be able to log in until this is done.

Who should Two Factor Authentication be applied to.

When you enable two-factor Authentication you will be presented with three options.

Option 1 - Mandatory (easy settings)

This option will force either Site Administrators, All Adult users or All users at your site to use Two Factor Authentication. If you want more granular control please use option 2.

Once you have set the option please click the Save your Changes button.

Option 2 - Mandatory Customised

This option allows the Site Administrator to choose which groups of users (grouped by User Type) will be forced to use Two Factor Authentication. The user picker will launch automatically. If you need to relaunch it, please use the "Choose Mandatory Users" Button. You are able to enable the mandatory use of Two Factor Authentication for Site Administrators.

Using the Group/user picker

Clicking the + adds this 'User Type' to the users required to use Two Factor Authentication. The group then disappears from the available list. If you want to add individual users, you can use the Filter in the top right-hand corner to hide 'User Types'. You can use the same filter to hide/show individuals. When you have selected the necessary User Types and/or users click OK to save or Close to abandon your changed On clicking OK a confirmation dialogue appears. Again, click OK to accept the changes or Cancel to abandon them.

Once you have set the option please click the Save your Changes button.

Editing Two Factor Authentication Steps.

You can repeat the steps above to change who Two Factor Authentication is applied too.

Turning Two Factor Authentication off.

From the Two Factor Authentication section of Preferences (Setting-up-a-Passphrase) please remove the tick from Tick this checkbox to enable Two Fator Authentication. now click the Save your Changes button. Two-factor authentication is now disabled for the site.

When you turn the Two Factor Authentication Service off this does not clear users Two Factor Authentication settings. If the service is re-enabled. Users will be able to use their previously set Two Factor Authentication Settings. This means you can turn the service off temporarily and not cause all your previously configured users to have to reset their details

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