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SDK Provisioning Integration

Provisioning Integration


SIMS ID (aka DeX) does not provide all the data that exists within SIMS and it is not a replacement for the rich data available through the SIMS Partner programme’s APIs; SIMS ID can pass lightweight data suitable for user provisioning and group association; this data can also be passed securely using a range of protocols.

Approaches to Provisioning & Data Exchange

SIMS ID has a provisioning API that exposes a subset of data; Access to this API is restricted to secure access using the SIMS ID STS.

The SIMS ID Provisioning API is defined by Swagger.

Swagger is a tool used to provide a list of SIMS ID APIs. This forms the API documentation and will be available on a public URL.

For information on accessing the Provisioning and Data Exchange endpoints please refer to the Education Software Solutions Technical Integrator documenation