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Setting up Google Services step 1

STEP 1 - Confirm you have the following Pre-requisites

In order to use Google provisioning you must have the following:

  • Have a SIMS installation.
  • Be on Spring 2020 release of SIMS 7 or later.
  • Your students and staff must have Google accounts (or you plan to provision them through SIMS ID)
  • You must have students and staff assigned to classes in SIMS

The following process will help you identify and carry out the necessary steps to:

  • enable SIMS Online Client Services
  • Configure username and user display formats
  • enable your data to flow to SIMS ID
  • enable your data to flow to Google
  • undertake User Matching between SIMS ID and Your Google tenancy.
  • enable Google Grade Sync writeback to SIMS Assessment manager.

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