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The Available Applications Screen

The Available Tiles screen

Available Tiles contains:

  • Tiles that have been created at your site
  • Tiles that are centrally available such as links to the DfE or Welsh Government Education Sites
  • Applications that have been installed from Available Applications.

you can only 'audience' tiles so that they are visible to your users from the Available Tiles screen

Available Tiles Screen Actions

Adding a New Tile to the Tile Store

You are able to create tiles that only members of your site can see. These tiles can be created by any Local SIte Admin and can be presented to user types and individuals.

Creating and managing Site Level tiles

Audiencing tiles and applications

Tiles and some applications can be displayed to end-users on the launch screen. Tiles can be audienced by User Type and to individuals see Audiencing tiles and applicaitons

More Tile Application Store information

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