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Technical Integrator Entry Page

This page is aimed at Technical Integrators

For support please contact the Partner Support team or visit The SIMS Technical Integrators SDK Site

This site is designed to provide you with everything you need to know about using SIMS ID including managing services that are integrated into SIMS ID for SSO or use the web-based APIs.

Information for Technical Integrator users

Logging In

Managing my SIMS ID

Two Factor Authentication

Administering other users at your organisation

The Technical Integrator Application


Reports are used to retrieve client keys and secrets for your organisation. * Using SIMS ID Reports

Understanging the school's actions.

Once your Application is live and approved it appears in the Available Applications section of the Tile and Application Store. This is available to Local Site Administrators

Tile and Application Store

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School User

This includes staff and pupils who exist in SIMS and have been given a SIMS ID login

Local Site Administrator

You administer one or more SIMS ID Sites

Parent User

You have used an invite from SIMS Pay or Parental Engagement to register with SIMS ID

Technical Integrator

You represent an organisation with a Technical Integration to SIMS Primary or DeX