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Parent User Entry Page

This page is aimed at Parent Users.

This includes staff and pupils who exist in SIMS and have been given a SIMS ID login

For further support please contact your Sites SIMS ID Local Administrator

This site is designed to provide you with everything you need to know about using SIMS ID it does not include information on using SIMS Engagement products. For these products please refer to their specific sites:

Why have SIMS ID.

SIMS ID allows parents to receive an invite from their school and register an account with SIMS ID. Parents can register using a third-party account like twitter, Facebook, Google or Microsoft or can choose to register using an email address and choosing a password.

Once you have an account this can be used on all SIMS products the school invites you to use.

Registering an account.

You can only register an account when you have been invited by your school. You will be provided with an invite code that is required to register The invite will have the registration 'invite code' you need along with a link to the registration process. Alternatively, you can register at using the invite code you have received.

Logging into SIMS Products

Each SIMS product has its own entry point, for example, the entry point for SIMS Pay is

You can also log directly into SIMS ID where you will be able to manage your account and find links to SIMS Products you have been given access to.

Managing my SIMS ID Account

You can manage your access to SIMS products through My Profile inside SIMS Parent App or by visiting the SIMS ID My Profile

Managing my SIMS ID

ESS recommends that all users have a native SIMS ID account in addition to any third-party based accounts to improve supportability

I have forgotten my password.

If you use a third-party backed account you will need to recover that account using that provider's process:

If you use a SIMS ID account you have been provided with or have registered using an email address you can:

Users can have both an email-based Alias and a third party backed account. Registering an alias gives you the best chance of receiving support from your school if you have an account issue.

If after reading this document you have further queries, please contact your school.

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School User

This includes staff and pupils who exist in SIMS and have been given a SIMS ID login

Local Site Administrator

You administer one or more SIMS ID Sites

Parent User

You have used an invite from SIMS Pay or Parental Engagement to register with SIMS ID

Technical Integrator

You represent an organisation with a Technical Integration to SIMS Primary or DeX