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School User Entry Page

This page is aimed at the general School Users.

This includes staff and pupils who exist in SIMS and have been given a SIMS ID login

For further support please contact your Sites SIMS ID Local Administrator

This site is designed to provide you with everything you need to know about using SIMS ID including services that are integrated into SIMS ID.

Information for users

Managing my SIMS ID

ESS recommends that all users have a native SIMS ID account in addition to any third-party based accounts to improve supportability

Two Factor Authentication

Screen Locking

  • This feature protects your privacy and improves usability for users who need to be logged in for extended periods. Find how Screen Locking works.

Using OneNote Assessment Write back to SIMS

Using Google Grades Write back to SIMS Assessment Manager

This requires setup by a local site administrator. Once set up please see the Google Grades Teacher Guide

Working with SIMS Connected


Working with SIMS Hosted Services


If you would like to read more about Hosted SIMS and SIMS ID, please go to the SIMS ID Documentation Centre.

The following documents are also available from SIMS Service Portal (please note registration is required)


If after reading this document you have further queries, please contact your usual SIMS Support Partner.

If you are having connectivity issues please contact the ESS service desk.

Change the support site you are viewing

Please click on the user type that best describes you.

School User

This includes staff and pupils who exist in SIMS and have been given a SIMS ID login

Local Site Administrator

You administer one or more SIMS ID Sites

Parent User

You have used an invite from SIMS Pay or Parental Engagement to register with SIMS ID

Technical Integrator

You represent an organisation with a Technical Integration to SIMS Primary or ESS DeX

Alternatively you can view all support pages