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For All Users

SIMS ID New Registration Process for Invited Users

How SIMS ID handles invited users. Registration using a validated email and security information

Managing Account Alias and third-party Identities

SIMS ID users can manage what they login to SIMS ID with. Users can log in with a SIMS ID generated username, a validated email address (known as an Alias) or a third-party identity provider account (only applicable to some services). This video shows how a user can manage the available logins.

For Site Administrators

SIMS ID Local Administrators - Resetting a users password:

SIMS ID Local Administrators can reset a users password. This video details how to advise a user of their username and undertake a password reset

Installing Applications and managing tiles

Installing applications in SIMS ID Tile Store and managing who can see tiles.

SIMS ID Self Onboarding of Office 365 services

Learn how to self onboard your Office 365 tenancy to SIMS ID and enable "People Service' to automatically provision Office 365 accounts from SIMS

SIMS ID - Automated School Data Sync Service (MS SDS) provisioning

This video tutorial demonstrates how to link SIMS ID and your Microsoft Office 365 School Data Sync Service for automated data provisioning

For Technical Integrators

Technical Integrators approval of customer applications

Technical Integrators integrating with our APIs are able to approve, decline and delete customer requests to work with the Technical Integrators application. This controls,