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Customer escalation processes

Monitoring progress of your call It is important that customers understand the progress of any call they log with us. When calls are updated an email should be issued to the originator with the appropriate update. If the customer is not getting regular updates or has a question regarding an update they should contact the service desk.

Incident Management Escalation

Please note: Before any incident is escalated a support case should be logged with the Service Desk and the appropriate amount of time should be given time to address the incident within the parameters of service level fix times defined in the Case Priorities table in this document Should the incident need to be treated with a higher degree of urgency than the associated case Priority, CapitaESS areis happy to do this where justified, but the customer needs to be aware that it may be in favour of other customer cases.

Incident Management Escalation should be raised via the Service Desk team during Working Hours. The table below shows the incremental escalation path to be used. Escalations may also be made if the customer feels that a case is not being progressed effectively or has breached the SLA’s.

Escalation stages

1st - Service Desk Team Leader – Contact the service desk and ask for the team leader.

2nd – SIMS ID Escaltions–Escalations– Andrew Hillyer

Service Escalation

If you feel that this Incident Management Escalation process is not effective, the general quality of the services provided to you is not meeting your expectation then please use the following contacts

For items such as sales, projects, or billing then please contact the Direct Sales team on -

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