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Google Grades Teacher Guide


This Setup

Teachers:page Linkhas tobeen your MIS

Login to Google Classroom. removed


Google will be stopping the Classroom ClassGrade SettingsSync Page,beta under General, click Link to MIS Class

You will be prompted to choose a class from the drop down menu. You will see a list of classes from yourwith Capita SIMS MIS.

Click ‘Link’.

Note: Syncing existing Classroom coursesdue to classeslow adoption of the feature in the MISUK

While reliesGoogle onunderstand that the emailcircumstances addressof fieldCOVID-19 forcould teachershave andbeen students.a Validmajor Gfactor Suitein emailschools addressesinability areto needed for successful syncing, and they must matchevaluate the emailservice, addressesGoogle cannot support products in beta beyond 6 months if usage is not of sufficient volume.

Google will continue to work with SIMSs to evaluate re-opening this pilot with customers in the MIS. Checkfuture outwhere demand is demonstrated. In the FAQ for more information

Capita SIMS Spring 2020 release alows users emails to be imported into SIMSmeantime, you can findregister outyour moredesire for this service via the SIMS ID Ideas Portal. ( or if you do not wish to create an account at

Sync( your grades.

Navigate to your Gradebook in Google Classroom.


  • Grades must be returned to students before they can be synced.
  • All grades mustyou have a numericalGoogle valueaccount manager you may also wish to beregister pushedinterest to the MIS.
  • If a student does not exist in your MIS, but does exist in Classroom,via that student's grades will not sync with the MIS.
  • To sync grades, click the Sync button in the upper left hand corner.route.

  • When prompted, you can choose to exclude syncing grades from certain assignments.

  • You can also view previously excluded grades and include if applicable.
  • Note: The number of updates indicates how many grades for the assignment have been updated since the last sync.

    Your students’ grades will now be synced with your Capita SIMS MIS!

    Find out more

    For any immediate questions, please email You can also visit our Capita SIMS FAQ for more information.