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Google Classroom Gradesync Pilot

In June 2019, G Suite for Education announced a beta program to export Classroom grades to SIMS.

Beta Programme.

If you want to take part in this Pilot the G-Suite admin should Sign up at Google Beta Sign Up

How it Helps Teachers.

As a teacher, you export grades directly from your Grades page to SIMS Assessment Manager.

For more information on exporting grades to your SIS, go to the Grade export pilot FAQ.

Please note you do not have to use SIMS ID to provision your Google users for this soultuon to work

Activating the Google Grade


The following pre-requisites need to be met for the setup to be completed:

  • You must be using SIMS.
  • Your students and staff must have Google accounts.
  • You must have class data set in SIMS and Teachers associated with Classes.
  • You must first enable 'People Service' in order to support Google Classroom.
    • Information on enabling People Service to make data available for OneRoster is available at [](Setting-up the People Service SSM Module in SIMS