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Logging into SIMS ID

Logging into SIMS ID as a member of staff

Logging in for the first time

Before you can login, your SIMS ID Site Administrator will have needed to provide you with your new username and password. Login to

If you are logging into our old site Please choose “Sign in with SIMS ID".

SIMS ID is the name of the launcher system you will login to every day to Access Hosted SIMS.

Setting your security questions and answers

On the first login to SIMS ID you will be asked to add five security answers. This will allow you to reset your password if it’s ever forgotten.

*Some things to note: *

All questions must be answered.

Answers must have 4 or more characters.

Answers are not case sensitive.

Before saving your answers you must enter your current Password again.

>Changing your password

After you have setup your security questions and answers you will be taken to the launch screen.

We recommend the next thing you do is click on the “Hello your name”  (top right of screen) and reset your password.

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Enter your current password, new password, and confirm your new password.

As you type the new password hints are given to help you comply with the SIMS ID password complexity policy.

Changing your security questions

Clicking on the  to the right of the user name (top right of screen) and select “Set Security Questions”

You will need to enter your new security questions as well as provide your current password.

>What to do if you forget your password

If you forget your password, you can click on the ‘Forgotten password’ link from .

If you forget your username, please contact your SIMS ID Site Administrator.

When resetting your password you will be asked to provide your username and asked to answer three of your five security questions. Please note the answers for your security questions are not displayed for security reasons.

If successfully answered you will be prompted to set a new password

If you do not successfully answer the security questions, after three attempts you will be prevented from using the Forgotten Password service and you will be directed to log a support call or contact your SIMS ID site administrator to have your password reset.