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Managing emails associated with your account

WhatWhy iscan aemails Loginbe Aliasassociated with my account

TheEmail Login alias is an alternative username, that a useraddresses can usebe toassociated signwith intoyour SIMSaccount. These ID.

Whataddresses can be used as analternative Alias?usernames for your account. These addresses can also be used to receive system notifications including notifications of:

  • Logins from new machines / browsers
  • Changes to your password *Logins from overseas
  • One time password reset emails

How to set or update email addresses

Anemail Aliasaddresses associated with your account can be setmanaged by the end-user and must be a valid e-mail address.

A user will be able to log in with the Alias or with their provisioned SIMS ID username.

This process has been updated Please refer to through My Profile