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Google Tenancy Configuration

Google Tenancy Steps.

This is a basic guide. You should refer to Google’s Support materials where you are unclear about any step.

Setting up the API link for provisioning

You can visit: for the Google instuctionsinstructions for these actions.

Log into the tenancy at using a tenancy admin user account.

Creating an API project

Click on My Project next to the Google API logo.

The following dialogue will open

Click on New Project in the top right of this dialogue.

A project creation page will load

Call the project SCHOOLNAME link to SIMS ID The location should be your tenancy

Configure the API Project

On the console screen

Click on My Project next to the Google API logo.

This will open a diague.dialogue box.

Click on the name of your project (SCHOOLNAME link to SIMS ID) then click Open

Adding API Services for Admin SKD and Calendar API

The following screen will display

Please click on Enable APIS and Services

This will open the API Library

In the box search type Admin

This will return a number of APIs please find Admin SDK and click on it.

This will present a screen for the admin SDK.

Please click ENABLE

Then click the back arrow next the words API library (top left) to return to the API Library.

This will return you to the API Library.

In the search box please search for Calendar

This will return a number of results please find Google Calendar API and click on it

This will present a screen for that API please click Enable You will be returned to this screen

Please click on APIs and SerivceService to return to the main console.

##Creating a service account

From the console

Click on credentials in the left had navigation.

This will take you to the credentials screen

Click +CREATE CREDENTIALS and Service Account

This will take you to a page where you can create a Service Account.

The Service Account Name should be set to SchoolNameLinktoSIMSID and the description to Google link to SIMS ID

Click Create

AssingingAssigning Service Account Permissions

When the service account is created you can assingassign permissions to it Ib the Select a Role drop choose Resource Manager and Organization Administrator

Then click Continue

Creating a Key

You will now be taken to a page where you can create a key

Towards the bottom of the page click **+Create Key)

A dialogue will open

Ensure P12 is selected and click Create

A dialogue will open displaying the certificate password and the certificate will download to your local machingmatching (probably to your downloads folder)


make a note of the password it will not be displayed again@@again

Now click Done

Enabling the OAuth 2.0 client

From the console screen click the Pencil Icon next to the service account you have just created**

On the Service account details page

Click on the SHOW DOMAINWIDE DELEGATION link to display the configuration options

Tick Enable G Suite Domain-wide Delegation

Enter a Product Name for the consent screen enter this as SchoolnameLinktoSIMSID

Then click SAVE

You will be returned to the console credentailscredentials homepage

Setting domain wide delegation permissions

Note the client ID, as highlighted

Navigate to * Security * API Controls * Domain-wide delegation * Click on Manage Domain-wide delegation

Click Add new Enter Client ID (from above) Enter the one / all of the following in OAuth Scopes based on integration required.

User / Group Provisioning

  • (if required)

SIMS Timetable to Google Calendar


When you have added all the required scopes please click Authorise

Setting up single sign-on (SSO) with SIMS ID

Navigate to

  • Security
  • Setup single sign-on (sso) with a third party idpIDP

Enter the below fields;

page URL -

email domain is school domain without the full stops i.e. - greenabbeycapitaschuk

Sign-out page url -

request certificate to be uploaded from

Tick - Use a domain-specific user

Change password urlURL -

Click Save

DO NOT enable this until you are ready to issue SIMS ID Passwords to existing user or they will lose access to their GSuite Services until they use the new SIMS ID Credentials

This completes the tenancy configuration please return to Linking SIMS ID to Google to complete the process