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EKAL User Guide - First Time User

New User - using the app for the very first time

  1. Download app from Google Play
    • On an Android phone open Google Play Store
    • Search EKAL
    • Locate EKAL Capita PLC in the list
    • Install
  2. Open app and select preferred language
    • Click Next
  3. Sign in as a new User
    • When logging in for the first time select ‘Sign in as a New User’
  4. Set up and register your school
    • by filling in your details and relevant school details
    • Note we will associate these details to your Google account to make future logins more streamlined
  5. Sign in with Google
    • Choose your preferred account to login with
    • Note we will associate your google account details with you school details to make future logins more streamlined
  6. Registration account creation (Wait a moment whilst your account is set up and configured)
  7. Data Sync takes place
  8. Enter a new pin and confirm pin code
    • This willproduct speedhas upbeen your future login sessions

    • removed.

Congratulations you have created a school and linked it to your profile, all you need to do now is add a few student details to get you started

Adding your Students

  1. Dashboard: Top tip - Look at the dashboard for prompts of daily tasks that need attention
  2. Dashboard: There are no student details available
    • Click on dashboard notification
    • Add basic student information
    • Click + Add new student to save and add another student
    • Repeat as desired
    • Click Finish to go back to the dashboard
  3. Dashboard: Take attendance
    • Click on tile, record attendance for students on roll today by marking pupils as present () or absent (x)
    • If any children are absent, please provide a reason if known
  4. Dashboard: Complete school set up
    • Fill in the outstanding data fields to complete your school set up

Congratulations, you are all set up Provide feedback on your experience so far

What can I do next

  1. Run reports - As you start recording student and attendance information you will see the results become available in reports
    • Click on the reports icon
    • Select report type from the list
    • Pick the date range to run reports
    • View your information.