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Revoke Site Access for Invited Users

Revoking Site Access

Admin users at sites now have the ability to revoke a invited user's access form their site

How to Revoke Site Access

In order to revoke a users access navigate to your user management page by logging in as a Administrator user and click on the Manage Users Tile.

Once atin your sites user management page find the user you wish to remove from your site (ifthey applicable)are flagged like a normal multi site user and click on the Manage menubutton that is present for user which will now show a new link the "Revoke Site Access".Access" link.

Click on the new"Revoke Site Access" link and a popup will open that will require you to enter a reason for the users removal from your sitesite.

The reason given will be stored and will be visible to the end user.

Once you have entered a reason click on the submitOK button and the user will no longer be able to access your site.

This action will result in the user being completely removed from this site and

This action and the reason given will be stored and will be visible to the end user.

If you don't wish to remove the users site access simply click on the cancel button to close the popup.

Please Note: If the user wants access back into your site they will need to complete the registration process again.

ThisAlso be aware that this process does not change the normal process required that is used when removing security requests multi site users..users.

For more information on removing security requests please go here