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My Profile

My profile

SIMS ID allows you to view your profile. This feature givegives useful user information to help you keep track of your identity, maintain your account security and set SIMS ID settings to manage your identity.

Accessing My Profile

The My Profile feature is accessible by clicking on theHello Your toName at the right of the user name (top top right of screen)the screen and selecting “MyMy profile”.profile .from the menu.

The My profile layout.

The My Profile section is split into a number of sections

These are:

  • General
  • SItes and Roles
  • My Events
  • My Identities
  • My Alerting Preferences

Each section may have more than one option available within it.


The General tabsection shows information on your username and details that you may be asked to provide if you are dealing with the support desk.desk as well as giving information on when you account was last updated, when you last logged in and when you last changed your password.

Sites and roles

The Site & Roles screen shows which schools\sites you are a member of and what SIMS ID roles you hold at each site. This is important information if you access more than one site through SIMS ID


MyA Profilerole (userof profile)'None' hassimply means you are a newstandard tabuser calledat ‘Mythat Events’.site rather than a site Admin, A security contact or a support user.

My Events

This tab section details user events such as whenas:

  • When user passwords were changed and by who.
  • Further
  • When detailsservices willwere beenabled addedor todisabled
  • New thisdevices tabor browser Fingerprints are detected - you have logged in from a computer or using a browser we have not seen you login in from before
  • You have logged into SIMS ID from abroad
  • You have changed some settings Events are displayed to allow you to keep control of your identity.

My Identities

My Identities contains more than one subsections.

The number of sections you see will depend on what services you are using SIMS ID with.

My Login Aliases

This section allows you to set and manage alternative login names please see Managing Your Login Alias for details

3rd Party Accounts

This page displays a list of Services SIMS ID manages accounts for and what the name of the account is for this service. Not all users will see this section

My External Identity Providers

This tab allows you to manage external identity providers such as logging in with twitter accounts. Not all users will see this section

Users of External Identity Providers may not be able to access all services associated with SIMS ID and may be required to sign in with a genuine SIMS ID account or Alias to access those services.

My Alerting Preferences

Users are able to use this page to configure the email address that SIMS ID can send security focused alerts to. Alerts are sent when:

  • new browsers or devices are used to log in to SIMS ID
  • when Passwords are changed or accounts are recovered
  • when login events from abroad are detected.

To configure this service, please see My Alerting Preferences